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GetNZB - Terms and Conditions

Before installing the GetNZB software, please read the terms and conditions below and acknowledge that you accept them.
  1. GETNZB hereinafter also referred to as (GN) is the sole and exclusive owner of the GetNZB Usenet Downloader (software). Upon acceptance of these terms and conditions, GN grants you a paid, non-exclusive, nontransferable Licence to use the software upon the agreed terms and subject to the agreed conditions. GN remains the sole possessor of the proprietary rights and copyright for the software.
  2. Loading, installation and usage of the software is subject to personal, non-commercial exploitation only.
  3. You hold responsibility to supervise and control use of the software in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  4. The software may not be redistributed to a third party in any form in whole or in part without prior written GN consent.
  5. GN does not undertake assistance in transporting or adapting the software to your machines.
  6. Although GN makes sure that software is developed with reasonable skill and care, GN ensures that the software is delivered free from all known viruses or any other harmful software but GN does not guarantee that the software will work correctly in all circumstances.
  7. GN will not undertake any maintenance or other support of the software. However, GN will elaborate the current version and subsequently release new versions of the software.
  8. GN will not be liable for any loss or damage caused whatsoever or howsoever and in direct or indirect connection with the software, its use or otherwise, except to the extent to which it is unlawful to exclude such liability under the applicable law. GN deliberately excludes liability for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential loss or damage that may arise in respect of the software and its use or in respect of equipment or property as well as for any loss of profit, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings.
  9. The Software downloads only coded segments from Usenet to your computer and afterwards makes attempt to compile them to a binary file. GN is not able to ensure the correctness of the final file content. The content of the file is visible only to the user. GN operates with NZB-descriptions only.
  10. The Software does not store or provide any binary files (pictures, video, audio, etc.). Furthermore the software does not contain any copyright content.
  11. The user is responsible for choosing, downloading and storing the content, which he gets from Usenet using the software. In order to improve the software function and to access its maximum capacity GN reserves the right to track your data trafic. This will not result in any of your personal data tracking or storage. To ensure a complete user confidentiality GN encrypts the data transferred using the cryptographically strong algorithmes thus only the user can access the content and the name of the binary file.
  12. If you notice any copyright violation in binary files compiled from the Usenet please be aware that GN is not able to remove the file, but can provide you with index of the file segments downloaded. This index can help you to liaise with Usenet providers to identify the poster of the copyright breached file. Please note that segments are stored simultaneously by multiple Usenet providers and are subject to regular synchronization.
  13. These terms and conditions are in lieu of all warranties, conditions, terms, undertakings and obligations implied by statute, common law, custom, trade usage, course of dealing or otherwise, all of which are hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  • A subscription is requested by filling out the registration page on the website of GetNZB, or in any other manner specified by GetNZB.
  • On receipt of the application of the subscription, GetNZB will ensure the admission of the subscriber to the service. Details of the service are available on the website of GetNZB, The subscription commences on the date of acceptance, the subscriber will be given the opportunity by GetNZB to use the service.
  • The agreement between GetNZB and the subscriber is entered into for a period which depends on the price package chosen by the subscriber, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. If the subscriber does not terminate the agreement in writing (by email) within 5 days before expiry of the agreement, the agreement is automatically extended for a period equivalent to the old subscriptions period. The subscriber shall at all times be responsible for keeping track of the subscription period, even if the subscription renewal email notice for any reason fails to appear.
  • If the subscriber wants a different kind of subscription, the subscriber can do so in writing (by email) to GetNZB. By honoring these requests, GetNZB will alter the subscription on a time specified by GetNZB. Changes and movement may incur additional costs which will be communicated to the subscriber.
  • If the subscriber one or more of its obligations which in case, but not limited to fulfill its financial obligations, towards GetNZB, is improper or not fully complying, is GetNZB entitled to immediately terminate and / or cancel the access to the service, or temporary block access to the service. GetNZB reserves the right at any time, without any reason, to refuse, suspend or terminate a subscription.
  • Unless the parties agreed otherwise, are all relations between GetNZB and the subscriber, by the customary GetNZB handle fees and rated of application, which are communicated by GetNZB on its website. On request of the subscriber GetNZB will send the pricing information in writing (by email). GetNZB is entitled to unilaterally change the prices and fares of all products. If possible the subscriber, ten days before the commencement of the amendments, will receive notice in writing (by email).
  • Depending on what the parties agreed, the subscription fees on the acceptance date for the entire subscription period, which depends on the chosen price package by the subscriber, have to be paid in advance. Collect seven days before the start of a new subscription period. In case GetNZB has not received a payment of the subscriber, a letter of formal notice will be send to the subscriber. In the absence of payment after the reasonable period, prescribed in the letter of formal notice, the subscriber is in neglect. The subscriber is not entitled to any deduction, discount or compensation. GetNZB only accepts payments via the payment methods that are available on the website of GetNZB.
  • If the subscriber is in neglect, or otherwise fails to perform any of its obligations under the agreement or these general conditions, then, without prejudice to the consequences which the law of such default, all reasonable costs incurred in obtaining satisfaction out of court on behalf of the subscriber.
Warranties & Liabilities
  • The subscriber warrants that all information, in any way to GetNZB is provided, is complete, accurate and current. The subscriber is obliged by GetNZB obligations, instructions, and restrictions to be observed. The subscriber should be in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, to conduct, and with regard to the service expected to take such care to observe the subscriber acted responsible. The subscriber is in no way authorized to use the service or have it used for unlawful acts, committing crimes and / or actions which are in breach of Netiquette.
  • Without explicit permission from GetNZB, the subscriber is not allowed (any parts) of GetNZB´s network or other users, whether within the organization of the subscriber, to connect with (parts of) the service of GetNZB. If the subscriber violates any of the preceding paragraphs of this article, either this or that GetNZB the presumption in this regard, is GetNZB entitled to take measures such as suspending the obligation to provide the service to the subscriber. The subscriber is then not entitled to any deduction, discount or compensation of advance payments.
Final Provisions
  • All legal claims against GetNZB from the subscriber is a limitations of one year after the claim arose.
  • After the conclusion of the contract agreements and / or any commitments made by or on behalf of GetNZB, are only biding if confirmed by GetNZB in writing. The subscriber is, without the prior written permission of GetNZB, not entitled to any rights and obligations in compliance with these terms and conditions or any other agreement with GetNZB. GetNZB is, without prior (written) consent of the subscriber's rights and obligations, to transfer the agreement (in whole or part) to a "Third Parties" subcontract. In the event of invalidity of any provision of the terms and conditions, the general conditions are not entirely void, but there is only partial nullity. The invalid provision will be replaced by a provision that the extent possible, consistent with the sense that parties when concluding the contract reasonable could assign this agreement. Changes in the power of authorization of the subscriber, the subscribers representatives or trustee shall at all times taking active after a written notice (by email) has been given to GetNZB. The subscriber is immediately required to give written notice (by email) by change of address to GetNZB. In case GetNZB is In need to turn to the subscriber in written (by letter), GetNZB does so at the last address that the subscriber has given to GetNZB. The relation between the subscriber and GetNZB apply to the German Law. Disputes and complaints between the subscriber and GetNZB shall be brought before the competent German courts.
Uninstall Policy
  • The user is free to decide to keep the GetNZB Usenet software installed and is able to uninstall the application at any time without additional action needed. The user can uninstall the software using the integrated uninstalling wizard or through the Uninstaller of the operation system, for example of Windows Add/Remove Programs. While uninstalling, the software will completely remove all files and configuration setting located on user’s system. The uninstalling process is done automatically and doesn’t require additional action from the client's side.