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Startup GUI Windows Iconized / Last State... by enone
It Will Be Nice To Have The Program Start In The Not Visible Way On Startup, I Mean That We Have Tons Of Program Opening On Startup And GetNBZ It's Maximized Every Time It Start... It Will Be Useful To Have An Option So That The User Can Select The Startup Mode: ( ) Windows Maximized (o) StartUP In Try-Mode ( ) Last State StartUP PS: Also An Option To Disable The Splash Screen Windows Many Thanks...
Отправлено: 2014-05-30
Положение дел: Отклонено
Комментарии: 6
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Prue: That's really thiinkng of the highest order 2016-02-09
enone: Ok Many Thanks :) I 2015-08-03
John: We just added Tray Icon into GetNZB(will be available in next update). Idea "start iconized" was declined 2014-09-10
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