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What is GetNZB?
GetNZB is a program for searching and downloading files from Usenet. It is a useful and powerful tool, which allows downloading information without having an account of Usenet Provider.
Which operating systems are supported?
Up to the moment Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are supported. Due to growing demand the development of Mac OS version will be accomplished soon.
Which interface localizations are provided?
Current version has English, French, German, Russian and Spanish localizations.
How to install GetNZB?
You need to download the installer (9.99 MB) and to run it.
How to update GetNZB and to get the latest version?
GetNZB checks for updates automatically. There is no need to download and install them manually.
How to report about a found bug?
If you noticed a bug, we kindly ask you to contact our support.
Searching in Usenet
What is Usenet?
Usenet is a worldwide distributed Internet discussion system. It was established in 1980. Users read and post messages to different categories known as newsgroups.
What is NZB file?
NZB is a file format used widely in Usenet. It is an XML document, which contains information about post and all parts of binary file. Usually Usenet search engines use this file format: they create an NZB file which contains information about what has to be downloaded. Traditional methods like downloading the message headers are less efficient and much slower than NZB concept.
Where can I find NZB files?
For a better search for NZB files we’ve integrated external Usenet search engines into the GetNZB software. You can use the internal search and start a download from the client directly.

Also you can use any other external Usenet search engine or NZB forum and open .nzb files with a GetNZB client to start the download automatically. Here are some good search engine examples:
Downloading from Usenet
How to start a new download?
Find a collection you need using "Find NZB" and click on "Download" button (you can choose specific files for downloading, just click on "View Files"). You can also specify an NZB file from your computer (or website URL) pressing on "Load NZB".
Why "Some parts are not available in Usenet"?
GetNZB does not store segments, but downloads ones from Usenet network. If the part is absent on the first Usenet server – software will download it from the second, third and tenth server, if necessary. GetNZB creates error ONLY in case of segment was absent on all available Usenet providers.

Segment could be deleted by following reasons:
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Violation of local or international laws
  • Expired retention (more than 3 years)
Starred & Tags
For your convenience we recommend to mark downloads using different tags or to add them to Starred. Please note that tag list is editable.
Why I cannot download some files?
Most likely unsuccessful file download is caused by file aging or its removal from Usenet servers by moderator. Transmitting problems are also possible. You can try to "Redownload wrong files" using right-click menu.
PAR2 Verify & Repair
Large sized files (often split into several parts by archiver) could be corrupted after downloading. If PAR2 files are included in the downloaded collection, you can try to "Repair" damaged files.
Deleting Downloads
After you delete a download it is being moved to the folder "Deleted". For final deleting use "Real delete" function in right-click menu.
Registration & Authorization
How to activate a new account?
After registration you will be sent an e-mail containing activation code and activation link. If you haven't received the confirmation e-mail within 30 minutes after registration, please send a message to activate(a)
How to restore a password?
Please use the Password Reminder page to have your password sent to your email account.
My e-mail address is already registered
You have (or someone else has) already registered this email address with us. If this is really your email address, please use the Password Reminder page to have your password sent to your email account.
How to change a password?
Using GetNZB program, click on "Profile" and choose "Change Password".
Premium Access
How is my Traffic Balance calculated?
After you have downloaded every segment, their actual size is added to your Traffic Balance. Real size of completed files can be less than spent traffic as they are being decoded after downloading.
Can I use my account on different computers?
Yes, you can use your account on any number of computers you wish. Traffic Balance will be calculated for each of them. Please note that simultaneous access is granted from one IP address only.
Can I share my account?
No, you cannot share your account. In case of systematic simultaneous access from different IP addresses our system will ban the account.
I purchased a License Key, but my membership was not upgraded
You have to redeem your key. Please read instructions here.
How to setup the number of simultaneous downloads?
Click on "Configuration" and choose "Downloads". Set the value of "Maximum Simultaneous Downloads" from 1 to 10.
How to set the folder for saving downloads?
Click on "Configuration" and choose "Downloads". Specify the folders for temporary and complete files.
How to clear search history?
Click on "Configuration" and choose "History". Here you can delete any information from your search history.
How to setup Proxy?
Click on "Configuration" and choose "Proxy". Specify the parameters of your Proxy Server here.
What is "Threads" and how to increase this value?
This value indicates a number of parallel connections with the server that provides your files' segments downloading. The more threads exist, the faster files are being downloaded and compiled.
Other questions
I have a question not described in the F.A.Q.
In case of any other questions, please feel free to contact our support.